Top 10 Ways to Eliminate Buyer Fatigue

Top 10 Ways to Eliminate Buyer Fatigue

With the seller’s market lasting as long as it has, buyers are experiencing an enormous amount of buyer fatigue.

Buyer fatigue is a frustration that buyers feel when they’re shopping for a home and their multiple offers do not get accepted. Often, this happens when they go out and see every house that comes on the market, whether it meets their needs or not. This fatigue also comes from not writing strategic offers that are property and seller-specific. Here are our top 10 ways that we suggest to eliminate buyer fatigue.

  1. Pick an agent who knows the market and can write a strong strategic offer.
  2. Do a buyer’s consultation with your agent.
  3. Get pre-approved so financing is in place and you are ready to write an offer.
  4. Make a list of your must-haves and deal-breakers, and only look at homes that meet these criteria.
  5. When looking through pictures online, check out the floor plan, and check out how big the rooms are because sometimes those real estate photos can make rooms look really large.
  6. When a house comes on the market that you’re interested in, do a drive-by or a Google aerial view search to see the surrounding area, and see if there’s anything undesirable. Maybe a factory in the backyard, or maybe a ball field with lots of lights.
  7. Only go see homes that you would actually write an offer on. So if you go see a home today, would you be willing to immediately write an offer on it?
  8. Have your agent send you the seller’s disclosure for any home you want to see before going out. This allows you to see if there are any deal-breakers before you make the trip.
  9. Pass up on the “pretty house” and look at the ugly ducklings that just maybe need a little TLC.
  10. Shopping well below your max price range is ideal to have room for a strong offer.

It is possible with a little organization and strategy to get you into a home without fatigue. A&J Realty Partners has solutions for you. Our number one priority is to help you fulfill your dreams no matter the size!

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