Spring Pond Clean-Out

House Wise - Water Feature

I am cleaning my pond today and I thought I would share with you guys just the upkeep of having a water feature in your front yard. This is my water feature, and as you can see there, we have a hose that we put in, and we just put some water in it, and we’re going to siphon the water out of this upper pond and start it draining because we haven’t done anything to it this spring.

The upper pond does go and it drains down into the lower pond, which you can see is kind of disgusting right now, because of all the leaves from the fall, that fall in there, and it just gets really green and gross. So, what we do is we drain all the water out, and then we go and scrub the sides down, and put fresh water in, and I will show you what that looks like as we go.

We took a rake and got all the leaves out that we could get out with the rake, and I also make sure to take all my water plants out, and now they look really bad right now, because it’s springtime and they haven’t started coming up, although you can see they’re kind of coming up a little bit. So, I have another one right in the middle there is a pot, and those end up, when we clean the pond, just right in the middle of the pond, and you want plants in your pond because they help filter the water and keep it clean.

Then the other thing we’re doing in this little bucket here is I have a bunch of snails in there, so we’re trying to save all the snails too as we clean out the pond, so. And we do have little froggies living in the pond, and we’re just waiting for this to slowly drain out so we can clean it and get it ready for the season. Now, as you can see, we’ve gotten all the water out, and it’s just this mucky grossness left. What we’re going to do is rinse that out, get the rocks out there, rinse it all out, scrub down the sides, and then just add new water.

Okay, so the pond is totally cleaned out here, and we are going to just start filling it, and then we’ll put the rocks back in and the plants back in. Now, I’m going to give you a little tip. I wear these gloves that go all the way up, almost to my armpit. That is how I clean out a pond because I am a baby and will not touch this stuff. So, get yourself some good gloves.

The top pond is full. Plants are back in. Frogs are very happy. We’re just waiting for the bottom pond now to fill up, and then we will start the pump and have the little waterfall going.

We cleaned it out and we let it run overnight, and we noticed that our pump was not quite strong enough for the size of our pond. We took the pump out down there and added a new hose here that’s bigger so that it’ll pump more water. And we got a bigger pump. And then we also came up to the top pond here, and we bought a new spillway. Now it will be a bigger waterfall coming down since it has more water. So, we are working on that today, and I will let you see when we have it finished because right now we have to figure out how to get that spillway in so you don’t see it.

All right, we’re done. We have the new spillway going. The plants are in. The flowers are looking pretty. There is the other waterfall that comes down to this pond. Then, I think we can look up at the other spillway. So, this is my pond. It’s done. It’s clean. It’s ready for the season. We just need to add a few more plants, and it’ll be ready to go.

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