Debunking The Myths of Buying a House

Debunking The Myths Of Buying A Home

Have you been looking for a home and you’re completely frustrated? We’re hearing from agents that they can’t find their buyers a home in this market. Here are the top 5 myths that we’re hearing and we’re sure you’re hearing too:

  • You have to waive inspections in order to get your offer accepted.
    • Well, we typically don’t waive inspections and our offers are still getting accepted.
  • There’s just not enough inventory.
    • Although inventory is low, new homes are being listed every week. We’re seeing an uptick in the number each week.
  • You have to offer $30,000 to $50,000 over the asking price to get a home.
    • That’s not true for all houses. Most of the time, the strength of your offer plays a big part in getting it accepted, more than the amount that you actually offer.
  • You are going to have to look for about a year to get a house.
    • In our experience in this market, we have found that our clients take an average of about 30 days to have an offer accepted. It really does depend on your willingness to offer and your specific needs.
  • All agents are the same and it doesn’t matter who you use.
    • Well, that’s false. An experienced agent plays a huge role in whether you get your offer accepted. Just like we talked about previously, the strength of your offer is important. You need an agent who knows how to write the strongest offer and knows what’s happening in the current market.

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