Sell Without The Hassle!

Are you thinking of selling your home but you don’t want the hassle of all the things you need to do? Or maybe you aren’t comfortable having a bunch of people trample through your house with everything we have going on in the world. We get it. We’ve become kind of homebodies too. It can … Continued

April Market Update

 Hello West Michigan and the Grand Rapids Area! We’re bringing you our monthly market update. Our full intention was to videotape this outside today but… turns out it’s cold and windy out there. So we’re coming to you from our office today. What is the biggest challenge we are seeing here in the Grand Rapids … Continued

Want To Limit Showings?

Are you thinking of selling your home, but you’re concerned about having people walk through it? Because of the low inventory available right now, you can expect an influx of buyers. We have seen as many as 30 people wanting to see a home the first day it’s on the market. That can be stressful … Continued

Where is Your Down Payment Coming From?

Moving-up, where’s the big down payment coming from? So you decided it’s time for a change of house. But now for the million-dollar question, where will you get your down payment from? When you bought your first house, you probably had been saving up stashing away money to come up with the down payment. Maybe … Continued