August 2021 Market Update

What’s happening in Kent County Grand Rapids, Michigan. At the time of this video in Kent County, we have 581 active homes and 240 homes pending. In July, 897 single-family homes were sold. That’s down 17% from last year. The average price of a home in Kent County in July was $318,000, which is up … Continued

The Benefits of Passing On The “Pretty” House

Everybody wants to offer on the pretty, show-ready, staged house. Those homes are ready to go, but they also get an enormous amount of offers and go way above the list price. If you’re willing to pass up on that show-ready staged home, we can get you into a home quickly and more affordably. Sometimes … Continued

Debunking The Myths of Buying a House

Have you been looking for a home and you’re completely frustrated? We’re hearing from agents that they can’t find their buyers a home in this market. Here are the top 5 myths that we’re hearing and we’re sure you’re hearing too: You have to waive inspections in order to get your offer accepted. Well, we … Continued

July 2021 Kent County, Grand Rapids Market Update

What’s happening in our neighborhoods? Here is your July 2021 Local Market Update. What’s happening in our neighborhoods? Is now a good time to buy or sell a home in Kent County, Grand Rapids? As of the time of this video, in Kent County, we have 514 active homes and 301 homes pending. We have … Continued

July 2021 National Market Update

Will inventory go up soon is the big question in today’s market? Here is our July 2021 national market update. Will inventory go up soon is the big question in today’s market? Will we experience another housing bubble like 2008? We know it feels like the wild, wild west out there when you’re trying to … Continued

Top 10 Ways to Eliminate Buyer Fatigue

With the seller’s market lasting as long as it has, buyers are experiencing an enormous amount of buyer fatigue. Buyer fatigue is a frustration that buyers feel when they’re shopping for a home and their multiple offers do not get accepted. Often, this happens when they go out and see every house that comes on … Continued

Sell Without Fear!

Are you scared to sell but ready to buy?  Have you outgrown your space and want to move up to something that fits your lifestyle? The problem is you need to sell before you buy so that you have the funds you need to purchase your new home. And you really don’t want to end … Continued

Grand Rapids Area June Market Update

Are you hearing people talk about the housing market crash? Did you know that Google recently reported that the search for when is the housing market going to crash spiked 2,450%? We don’t have a crystal ball, but understanding the facts in this video will help you understand some of the reasons the market is … Continued

Sell Without The Hassle!

Are you thinking of selling your home but you don’t want the hassle of all the things you need to do? Or maybe you aren’t comfortable having a bunch of people trample through your house with everything we have going on in the world. We get it. We’ve become kind of homebodies too. It can … Continued